PharmaFlow is a complete furnishing system for the handling, storage and display of pharmaceuticals. PharmaFlow enables pharmacy stock to be displayed for convenient and accurate selection. Clear visual presentation of stock enhances safety by ensuring items are picked using the name on the pack. The need for shelf front labeling is therefore not essential.

Stock is kept tidy and distinctly separated by using partitions that subdivide shelves, trays and drawers into individual storage bins. Each stock divider provides a slot for holding a stock information card which also discreetly identifies the storage site. Shelf and tray fronts can be supplemented with a label strip for attaching magnetic or barcode labels.


PharmaFlow pharmacy furnishings are freestanding and easily adapted to changes in pharmacy operations. Shelves, trays and drawers are available in dimensions to suit almost all stockholding and storage requirements.

Storage components are interchangeable and are easily located anywhere on the support frames. Bench tops can be fixed at various heights to create ergonomically correct workstations with appropriate storage fittings integrated above and below the work surface.


Stock can be stored in accordance with demand. High demand lines with deep stockholding needs are stored in the sloping trays giving high density storage and convenient picking conditions. Liquids and bulky items are stored on horizontal shelves. Low demand lines with shallow stockholding requirements are stored in the horizontal drawers that have both standard and lateral partitions.

"First in - First out"

The sloping trays and shelves allow stock to gravitate to the front picking edge. The shelves and trays are replenished with new stock at the back, creating conditions for "First in - first out" (FIFO) stock rotation. The sloping trays are withdrawn to enable convenient restocking and to eliminate the need for access space between trays.

Tried and Tested

PharmaFlow is a tried and tested system used in many pharmacies throughout Australia where the pharmacist is responsible for the safety and security of pharmacy operations. PharmaFlow helps the pharmacist in the process of developing secure, safe picking and handling routines that ultimately increase quality of work and reduce risk of error.

PharmaFlow is finished in a durable heat cured white powder-coat impregnated with clinikill™ - a long lasting antimicrobal agent. Installation is simple, requires no special skills and requires only a hex key (supplied). Subsequent alterations or additions are simple due to PharmaFlow modular styling.


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