The Ultimate Pharmaceutical System for the Professional Dispensary Environment

PharmaFlow is a complete pharmaceutical storage and handling system for hospital and retail pharmacies. Stock is clearly displayed for quick and accurate selection ensuring maximum productivity. PharmaFlow trays and shelves may be easily located anywhere on the support frames. Trays may be positioned in either a level or sloping configuration depending on pharmacy needs. The sloping open view tray allows stock to slide down to the front for easy selection and stock replenishment. The trays can be simply pulled forward for stock easy loading and counting. Each tray can be fitted with adjustable partitions to suit the various carton and pack sizes.

PharmaFlow effectively increases both the size and efficiency of your dispensary.


PharmaFlow helps the pharmacist in the process of developing secure, safe picking and handling routines that ultimately increase quality of work and reduce risk of error.

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Shelves, trays and drawers are available in dimensions to suit almost all stock holding and storage requirements.

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